Sod Laying in Burlington

Sod Laying

There’s nothing more refreshing and nostalgic as walking bare-foot on a soft and healthy lawn that’s free from prickly weeds and pesky dandelions. Laying new sod can give you the opportunity to start fresh on a lawn that has been neglected or ravaged by pests. It not only provides green coverage but acts as natural drainage from rainwater. It’s a beautiful way to create a safe place to play for children and pets alike!

  • Remove and replace an old and ravaged lawn
  • Lay fresh sod onto untouched soil
  • Create a stunning and well-planned addition to existing outdoor areas
Sod Laying
Sod Laying
Sod Laying


Garden Design & Installation

Garden Design & Installation

When it comes to garden design, Roger’s Landscaping has the experience and knowledge to plan and execute the perfect landscape for your home. There are several things we take into consideration when designing your custom garden; your taste, your home’s existing style and beauty, and the level of ongoing maintenance you are comfortable with. We have access to the highest quality and most extensive selection of trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers AND we know exactly what to plant where based on each plants’ specific needs in order to make your garden flourish!



Sod Laying
Sod Laying
Sod Laying


Armour Stone, Boulders & Decorative Stone Placement

  • Boulder Placement

Adding a well placed and attractive piece of natural stone is an elegant way of creating focal points and pieces of interest to any garden. Decorative stone placement is also an effective way of bordering your walkway, driveway, pool, or creating a large-scale and rustic staircase.


Custom Outdoor Lighting

In the past, outdoor lighting was thought of as strictly functional. Now, with an extensive variety in style and design, there are so many ways and reasons to add custom outdoor lighting to your home and garden!

  • Create beautiful ‘mood-lighting’ to set the right tone for an evening spent outdoors
  • Lighting up dark paths and walkways
  • Enhanced security and visibility for homeowners
  • Use up or down-lighting to feature a special tree or part of you home
  • Save on energy bills by setting a timer
Outdoor Lighting Installation Burlington

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